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Riot Games reveals Honor and Ranked skin rewards for Season 2023, when they will be added and given to players

Riot Games has announced the Honor and Ranked rewards for the second split of the 2023 Ranked Season in League of Legends. The images of the skins were presented on the developers' blog on YouTube.

For a Ranked season, players will receive Victorious Tryndamere. To earn it, you need to complete the split with a Gold rank or higher. Players with Honor level five will also receive an Akshan skin.


When Honor and Rank skins for Season 2023 Split 2 will be available in League of Legends?

The exact time the rewards are released is not revealed, only the patches. However, Akshan skin will come out with update 14.2 in late January, and Tryndamere will arrive with patch 14.4 in February.

The second Ranked split of 2023 will end on January 9, 2024. The new season will begin on the next day, this time with three splits. Traditionally, rank rewards are only available to players with an Honor level above two.

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