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League of Legends patch notes 14.4 preview details: Smolder, K'Sante adjustments, Aurelion Sol, Kalista, Illaoi nerfs

League of Legends developers released a full preview of 14.4 patch notes. Over 20 champions will be changed in the next update, including Rek'Sai, Bard, Jayce, Renekton, and the latest addition to the pool, baby dragon Smolder. The adjustments were posted on Twitter by Matt "Proxzon" Leung-Harrison.

Source: Proxzon's Twitter

Proxzon shared some reasons behind the upcoming changes. With Smolder, they want to put more power into his explosions rather than W usage. K'Sante "absorbs most of the developers focus" due to overperforming. Aurelion Sol appeared a bit too strong even after the mid-patch update aimed to nerf him.

Smolder: A few QoL changes here with Q and R changes.

We're also nerfing rank 1 of W while still supporting early points in W if Smolder chooses.

We're continuing to monitor the Shojin AP build and are putting more power relatively in the explosion outputs rather than the naked W hits for this build (and for lane)

K'Sante: He's absorbing a lot of our focus right now and is overperforming. We're looking to add more counterplay to all out (removing slows and increasing CDs, reducing dash speed), but partially compensate with some base stat changes.

Rek'Sai: The intention here is to move Rek'Sai into more of a fighter and less of a one-shot Assassin. We're cautiously returning Rek'Sai's AOE knock-up and monitoring how that goes. This also involves moving some damage types into magic to reduce the potency of lethality on her a bit.

ASol: After the micropatch, ASol is still a bit strong. We're giving him a light nerf to bring him more in line. We're still interested in seeing how ASol players prefer the incentives for proactivity in the lane.

Bard: Last patch, we mentioned Bard was overperforming with Bloodsong + tank builds and killing people on 1 item. We're looking to improve incentives for Bard to build AP.

Fiora: We think it's appropriate for Fiora to have a partial success case when hitting players with W, but 50% AS slow has been too much.

Illaoi: Illaoi benefited a bit too much from the last patch (mechanics changes can be hard to estimate), and we're pulling back a bit here.

Kalista and Varus: These two champs are dominating Pro Play right now, and we also fixed a power-positive bug with Kalista's dashing that we need to account for. Small, known nerf to Varus.

Ahri: Ahri is still recovering from losing Everfrost. We're giving her some of the HP she lost from this to make aggressive plays in the midgame and reward some of her more rewarding moments (double Q). This is also intended to slightly improve her ability to waveclear and roam.

Jayce: We've rescripted his E to function more similarly to Lee R. This should help resolve some of the "opponent dashed, while he was E'ing and went a weird direction" things. We hope this resolves some of the issues with feelings while fixing some of the previous inconsistent behavior with the spell.

Kai'Sa: Pulling back the buffs here and just focusing on usability improvements that are lightly power-positive.

Renekton: He's still kinda bad. Sundered Sky is just a lot worse than Goredrinker was for him. We're avoiding giving him too much power in lane but improving his throughput later in the game.

Thresh: Thresh is also still bad, we're trying to improve most of his outputs generally, so as to not over-index in any particular place

Volibear: We're cautiously buffing Voli. We generally don't think some of his gameplay is particularly high quality, which is why we've been cautious on him in general; specifically in the jungle, his gameplay pattern lacks a lot of variance, and R removes interest in an otherwise exciting moment (turret dives). We're looking to give him some power while reducing power from some of the lower context areas in R.

Matt "Proxzon" Leung-Harrison

League of Legends patch 14.4 will come out on February 22. The arrival of the Vanguard anti-cheat was postponed from this update to 14.5. For now, players can check their systems for compatibility issues and send feedback to Riot Games.

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