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Dota 22022-05-17 14:28:00
Post-Major Dota 2 reshuffle. Roster changes for the third DPC season
Roster changes and rumours.
Dota 22022-04-30 16:43:00
Investigation: how top rank players earn on betting via ruining games for popular streamers
How do Sensibility and his friends ruin games for money.
Dota 22022-04-19 15:35:00
Another Dota Major is under threat. Two regions might completely miss the event
Is it possible to hold the Major without EEU and China?
Dota 22022-04-17 16:47:00
Ceb gives his take on Nigma and EG issues, names Puppey the GOAT of Dota
Qojqva and Ceb discussed the problems of Secret and EG.
Dota 22022-03-31 08:33:00
All sets from DPC 2022 Spring Lineage Treasure
Time to play some Fantasy League!
Dota 22022-03-14 21:15:00
DPC Season 2. Who to bet on?
Predictions for the games in America, China, and Europe.