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Dota 22021-11-30 12:27:00
13 reasons why we love OG
Thank you for everything, legends!
Dota 22021-10-27 23:27:00
The drama between Ramzes and Illidan. What is happening?
The chronology of the conflict.
Dota 22021-10-17 19:56:00
Team Spirit won The International 2021
An absolute sensation!
Dota 22021-04-04 16:14:00
Invictus Gaming wins ONE Esports Singapore Major
Invictus Gaming defeated Evil Geniuses 3-2 and has become ONE Esports Singapore Major champion.
Dota 22021-03-21 23:52:00 defeated Team Spirit and won EPIC League S3 Division 1
A decisive win for the team, which dropped to the second DPC division.
Dota 22021-02-14 21:39:00 and Natus Vincere secured Singapore Major slots and NAVI got five victories in a row in the ESL One DPC 2021 CIS Upper Division.