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League of Legends patch 14.10 will have ADC and runes changed, some removed

Riot Games has shared details for the next League of Legends patch 14.10. The update will significantly rework ADC items and remove some runes. The announcement came out on the official website.

How will Runes change in LoL patch 14.10

The Predator will be removed from the game because, according to Riot, it negatively impacted gameplay and wasn't popular. Lethal Tempo will also disappear from LoL. The reason is that the rune is used "to shortcut attack speed purchases." To compensate for the changes, Fleet Footwork, Conqueror, Hail of Blades, Font of Life, Press the Attack, and other runes will receive slight reworks.

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How will items change in LoL patch 14.10

The developers explained that in the current ADC system, the first item purchase is too strong. They want to smooth the progression and make the power spikes less impactful. They used Phantom Dancer rework as an example of upcoming changes.

Current Phantom Dancer has its power spread out over four stats: attack damage, attack speed, critical strike chance, and movement speed. In addition to those, it also has a passive that helps it gain even more AS over the course of a fight, up to 65% total AS. In our new system, it instead gives an upfront 60% AS, no AD, and it no longer has a passive. This allows us to make it slightly cheaper and have even more movement speed, to really cement it as not only the best way to gain a ton of AS but also a great way to stay mobile, both in and out of fights.

Riot Games

More about the item changes can be found in the video below.

Update 14.10 will be released on May 15, along with the start of the second split. The patch will also rework Corki, making him a viable bot laner. Read more about his changes via the following link.

Corki patch 14.10 changes will make him viable bot laner in League of Legends

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