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League of Legends patch 14.3 preview: Zeri, Wukong, Pyke buffs, Rengar, Trundle, Azir nerfs

Riot Games released a preview for the next League of Legends patch, 14.3. The developers will buff Nidalee, Ziggs, and other champions, and nerf Brand, Karma, and Trundle. Seven characters will get slightly reworked to fit the new item system.

Game designer Matt "Phroxzon" Leung-Harrison explained some of the changes on Twitter.


- Champs that have been strong for a while (looking at you, Trundle).- Champions with %maxHP damage that benefit from everyone having more HP (Lillia, Brand)
- Pro champs like Azir, Karma (we overbuffed here).
- Champs like Rengar, who are popping off a bit too much, as he's one of the few champs that double benefited from Hubris + Profane buffs.


- Some of these champions are weak (e.g. Nidalee from losing Night Harvester).

- Some are building the wrong items, like Zeri, so we're updating recommendations.


- Some changes are targeted at champions who are having a sad time with systemic changes (e.g. Illaoi with walls that are further away).

- Others have some role or build things that we'd like to adjust (like Maokai).

Matt "Phroxzon" Leung-Harrison

Patch 14.3 will come out on February 7. The detailed preview with stat changes should be available tomorrow, January 31. Some of the adjustments were previously revealed or datamined. Here, you can find changes for Yorick, and here is the new Aurelion Sol.


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