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League of Legends micropatch 14.10 changes: Corki, Smolder nerfs, Samira, Draven buffs

Riot Games released a hotfix update to patch 14.10 in League of Legends. The developers buffed Corki, one of the primary targets of the last update, and nerfed Draven, Samira, and several items. Game designer David "Phreak" Turley posted the micropatch summary on X.

He claims that some champions may appear weak, but mostly due to nonoptimal builds. There will be readjustments to some of the other characters in patch 14.11.

There’s more follow-up to do in 14.11 but we identified the biggest outliers based on the first day of games. Some champions who appear very weak (Ezreal, Yasuo, Yone, Gangplank) are mostly building wrong.

David "Phreak" Turley
Source: RiotPhreak on X

The micropatch changes are already added to the official patch notes. The update 14.10 came out on May 15. It featured a lot of changes, with item system overhaul and adjustments for multiple champions. Corki has been significantly reworked.

All new and removed items of League of Legends patch 14.10. How items change in second Split?
That's a lot of unexpected changes.

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