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32 VCS players get suspended from playing, suspected of match-fixing

Riot Games suspended 32 players of League of Legends Vietnam Championship Series, VCS Spring 2024, following the investigation of suspected match-fixing. Every team of the eight participating rosters have at least two players temporarily banned, including Team Secret, GAM Esports, and Team Whales. The official announcement arrived on X.

The competition was put on hold for an indefinite time on March 18 after suspicious data revealed the league had potential match-fixing going on. After the initial results, the 32 players were suspended. They aren't proven guilty but cannot participate in any League of Legends tournaments for the course of investigation.

The players were allowed to add information or respond to the reviewing committee's decision. Some already claimed their innocence. Le "Gloryy" Ngoc Vinh requested Team Whales to terminate his temporary contract with the organization to "have time to provide more evidence to prove himself clean."

The full list of suspended professionals is available below. It was not revealed when the tournament would continue. The operator's officials say their "top priority is to resume the VCS Playoffs."


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