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League of Legends patch 14.5 preview details: Twisted Fate, Zac, Evelynn nerfs, Smolder, Yorick changes

League of Legends patch 14.5 got a detailed preview. The developers balanced twenty champions, including Smolder, Wukong, Kog'Maw, Senna and Zac. Champion designer Matt "Phroxzon" Leung-Harrison posted the changes on X and provided additional explanations.

Source: RiotPhroxzon on X


- Players are still trying to experiment with a lot of different builds on Smolder.

- We're also trying to figure out how much of the tankier style patterns are able to be healthily supported long-term (typically, ADCs are meant to die when jumped on), but players are having fun with them regardless.

- In the short term, we're making these builds pay more of a damage tradeoff compared to pure squishy builds.

- We're also trying to make his R mechanics actually carry weight, right now, they pay the complexity cost of being there, but being mostly ignorable.

- Finally, we're still trying to figure out the purpose of E on his kit. Currently, it's a trap to cast in offensive cases, but we're trying to support that without making the pattern unhealthy gameplay-wise. We're making that pattern a bit better.

Twisted Fate:

- TF has been a topic of discussion recently.

- We like that he's been shaking up the meta a bit.

- We're not going to land balance right away, especially for a multi-role, multi-build champion, but when we add these things back into the game, we'll try our best to have them balanced as fast as possible.

- AD is clearly stronger in higher levels of play, and E is a lot of the reason for that (higher uptime in high ELO, better spacing, etc.).

- So we're isolating the nerf to the AD build this patch, especially when he's got a lot of uptime on his targets (typically top lane).


- Evelynn is a champion with a pretty unique play profile in League.

- In high ELO, she's played a lot by mains.

- Her mastery curve is quite steep and starts pretty low.

- While her new players are dragging her winrate down from this steep curve, this is offset by a lot of her players being mains and pulling her winrate up.

- Typically, she sits over 50% for this reason, however when she's pushing 52% she can feel low counterplay, so we're tapping her down a bit.

- Multiple different changes for Evelynn were considered, but slowing her clearing speed and needing to land more Q's to hit R threshold was where we landed.

Matt "Phroxzon" Leung-Harrison

Patch 14.5 will be released on March 6, 2024. The update will make the Vanguard anti-cheat system mandatory for all players. Earlier, Riot Games developer Phreak revealed the changes to Rek'Sai. Phroxzon also explained some of the patch changes in preview, available at the link below.

League of Legends patch 14.5 preview: Twisted Fate nerfs, Smolder changes, Sivir, Veigar, Wukong buffs

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