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Riot Games possibly teases appearance of next LoL champion Vastayan female solo mage Rumors

The League of Legends developers might've teased the next champion's appearance on the test server. Brazilian insider and blogger Big Bad Bear discovered some hints related to the character on the PBE server. He posted the details on YouTube.

There are rewards for an unannounced event with Ornn on the test server. There is also an icon and an emote with a certain girl wearing a fur hood and glasses. She also holds a notebook, similar to the one featured in the first champion's teaser.

If Riot Games really teased the champion here, then her announcement should take place soon. Possibly, the reveal will happen during the final day of Mid-Season Invitational 2024, which will be May 19. Usually, after such teasers, a hero ends up on the PBE server in two weeks. In this case, its release can be expected in patch 14.12, scheduled for release on June 12.

There is very little information about the new champion yet. It is known that she is a Vastayan magician girl from Freljord. The heroine is designed for a single lane and uses medium-range skills. According to the developers, "She has a natural ability to see what others think is not there..." You can find more details below.

New League of Legends Vastayan female solo lane mage champion: Release date, teasers, leaks and rumors, abilities and name
She can see things others cannot.

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