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League of Legends patch 14.5 preview: Twisted Fate nerfs, Smolder changes, Sivir, Veigar, Wukong buffs

Riot Games released League of Legends patch 14.5 preview. Smolder will be readjusted. Zac, Brand, Nidalee are getting nerfed, while Jarvan IV, Sivir, Vex and other champions will be buffed. The details were shared by the game designer Matt "Phroxzon" Leung-Harrison on X.

Source: RiotPhroxzon on X


- Smolder has been really popular and about balanced. We're not looking to reshape him significantly, but reduce how effective his tankier builds are, make his E matter more and increasing the sweet spot and heal on the ultimate so they matter.

Twisted Fate:

- We didn't go hard enough last patch trying to strike the fine line between not over-nerfing AP TF, who is less powerful.

- Trying to find the set of changes that thread the needle between the 3 roles he's being played in right now at various skill brackets.
The intention is to keep AD TF good, but not overly so.

Vayne, Senna:

- Senna is performing too well in both pro and solo q (especially the ADC role).

- Vayne is performing well in both top and ADC and has been on the strong side for a while (but not strong enough to be explicitly nerfed), so we're nerfing her for staleness.

Veigar, Vex:

- These v mages have both been on the weak side for a while.

- For Veigar, Everfrost's loss has been pretty sad, so we're giving him some love.

- Vex has been sad after the durability increases recently as she's struggling to reset (14.2 especially), so bringing her up a bit.


- Top has been picking up popularity, is strong in lower MMRs and, with the buffs to Sunfire, is likely to go over the top.

- Tapping down his top while trying to go neutral on jungle.


- Another higher-than-expected mastery champion sitting over average winrate means she's probably a bit stronger than she should be. Tapping her down slightly with both a power-impacting bugfix and a nerf.


- He gained a bit too much from our previous changes, looking to bring him down a bit while reducing how effective AoE vs single target damage is against maiden

Matt "Phroxzon" Leung-Harrison

Patch 14.5 will come out on March 6, 2024. Riot Games will release a detailed preview tomorrow, February 28. Earlier, the game developer Phreak revealed the changes to Rek'Sai. You can find them at the link below.

Rek'Sai will get fixed and adjusted in League of Legends patch 14.5

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