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Chinese pro-player gets penalized for imitating sex with a teddy bear on stream

League of Legends Professional League organizers fined Invictus Gaming jungler Lu "Leyan" Jue for "morally controversial behavior". The player is punished for imitating sex with a teddy bear on stream, with a girl, another streamer, watching him do that live.

Leyan will have to skip two matches and pay a fine of 50.000 RMB, or $6.900. His organization is also fined 20.000 RMB, or around $2.750.

In response to recent incidents of inappropriate behavior by Leyan, a player from IG on the live streaming platform, the League of Legends professional esports disciplinary team has conducted an investigation. It has been found that Leyan has made attempts to violate regulations through his words and has engaged in morally controversial behavior, resulting in negative impact.

LPL statement

Leyan was signed by iG in February 2024. With him, iG placed 9-10th in the recently concluded LPL Spring 2024 split. The next one will start on June 24th.


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