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Malphite's possible visual update was leaked in Skarner's gameplay video Rumors

Riot Games may be planning a visual update of Malphite in League of Legends. Brazilian insider Big Bad Bear pointed at the supposed new appearance of the champion in a gameplay video with Skarner.

In the video, Malphite is only briefly seen when Skarner uses his new ultimate. It is noticeable that the textures are significantly different from the current version of the character in LoL.

Allegedly, Skarner’s gameplay was recorded on a closed developer test server, and Malphite’s updated appearance accidentally ended up in the video. The leak could also be intentional. Previously, in the same way, the designers showed the visual rework of Jax ahead of time.

Riot Games has not officially announced a visual update for Malphite. In the roadmap, the developers teased appearance changes of Teemo, Lee Sin, and an unspecified character from Arcane.

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