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League of Legends Skarner reworked abilities revealed

Riot Games described the new Skarner's abilities after the VGU rework. The champion can grab a boulder and fight with it, throw the item into his opponents and charge through obstacles, pinning them to walls. The ability rundown was posted on the official game website.

Skarner's abilities

Quaking (Passive)

  • Skarner’s Attacks, Shattered Earth, Upheaval, and Impale, apply Quaking for a period of time. At max Quaking stacks, enemies take percent health magic damage over the duration.

Shattered Earth \ Upheaval (Q)

  • Rip a boulder from the earth that empowers Attacks and can be thrown as a powerful projectile. Third attack slams the boulder into an enemy, slowing and pushing back.

Seismic Bastion (W)

  • Skarner gains a shield and sends out a shockwave that damages, increasing his shield on Champion hits.

Ixtal’s Impact (E)

  • Skarner charges, passing through terrain. If he collides with a Champion or monster he can slam them into a wall to damage and stun them.

Impale (R)

  • Skarner lashes his tails out to suppress enemy champions. During this time, Skarner can move freely and will drag his helpless victims around with him.

Skarner's release date is not yet known. Previously, the game developer Brightmoon revealed that the champion would come out in April, probably with patch 14.7. This also means Skarner will be added to PBE soon, likely after March 20.

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