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League of Legends patch 14.10 Ranked Split 2 changes: provisional games might place players in Diamond, negative LP gains down to 3%

Riot Games released a blog sharing changes to Ranked in League of Legends Split 2 of 2024. Starting from patch 14.10, the provisional period might place a player at Diamond rank. The developers removed demotion protection and shared other features. The announcement came out on the official website.

LoL Ranked changes in second split of 2024

  • Players will be able to place as high as Diamond III after provisional games (prev Emerald I)
  • Demotion protection between divisions (eg. Silver II > Silver III) will be removed. Players will fluidly transition between divisions
  • Demoting from tiers will place players at 25 / 50 / 75 LP depending on the player’s MMR at the time of demotion compared to their rank
  • Master Duo will be enabled in most regions (and will stop again at Grandmaster)
What are Corki's new reworked abilities and item build. Corki changes in League of Legends patch 14.10
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Riot Games also revealed a list of multiple adjustments they made to correct negative LP gains. According to their statement, they are now "down by ~37% (currently at ~3% and in most skill brackets, close to 0)." Previously, almost 50% of players encountered negative LP gains.

Riot Games designer Phroxzon clarified that promoting while carrying the same LP will be delayed to patch 14.11. The update 14.10 will come out on May 15. There is a massive list of changed items and runes, as well as the reworked Corki.

All new and removed items of League of Legends patch 14.10. How items change in second Split?
That's a lot of unexpected changes.

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