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Skarner's VGU is officially released in League of Legends patch 14.7

Riot Games released the new reworked Skarner in League of Legends with patch 14.7. The champion is available in the main client of the game. Lead gameplay designer Matt "Leung" Leung-Harrison shared additional details on X.

Super proud of the team for pushing through many hurdles during development, and we're pretty happy with the result. The initial power level does look at a tad weak, but he does have a moderate learning curve, so we're monitoring closely. What do y'all think about him?

Matt "Leung" Leung-Harrison

In Patch 14.7, Riot Games nerfed Fiora, Rek'Sai, and Volibear, while buffing Nasus, Karma, and Kayn, along with other champions. Smolder once again got readjusted with a boost to his abilities.


Skarner's VGU (Visual and Gameplay Update) was announced more than a year ago. The developers wanted to make the character look like a daemon with a "King Kong vibe." The champion's abilities are described here. Patch 14.7 detailed adjustments can be found below.

League of Legends patch 14.7 preview details: first Smolder buff, Jungle Rell nerf

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