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Rek'Sai will get fixed and adjusted in League of Legends patch 14.5

One of League of Legends champions, Rek'Sai will get several adjustments in the upcoming patch 14.5. The character will get many of the major bugs fixed as well. Riot Games developer David "Phreak" Turley posted those on X.

Rek'Sai changes in patch 14.5

  • Q-AA no longer cancelable
  • Fixed Q-R cooldown without casting bug
  • Fixed unburrowing sometimes locking out autos
  • Fixed Spear of Shojin with Q
  • Speculative fix on non-dash "tunnel bug"
  • Basic attacks now hit 20% faster
  • Q-empowered attacks now hit 33% faster
  • Attack animations sped up 5-25% on top of this

Patch 14.5 will come out on March 6, 2024. The developers will make the Vanguard anti-cheat mandatory for all users. As usual, the preview of the upcoming changes will be posted next Tuesday, February 27.

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