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Faker will be the first player to get Hall of Legends champion skin, according to leak Rumors

Esports legend Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok will become the first player to enter the new Hall of Legends. An Ahri skin will be released in the game to memorize his achievements. BigBadBear revealed this on YouTube.

The skin will be mostly red with golden details and a "Glorious vibe". It is also supposed to be extremely expensive. It could even open a new tier of rarity in League of Legends.

Riot Games announced the League of Legends Hall of Fame in January 2024. Every addition to the pool of the greatest players was promised to be celebrated "in the game and in real life." The winners are chosen by a jury assembled from LoL veterans, current players, casters and experts from each region.

Faker is no doubt one of the most famous players, not only in League of Legends but across all esports. Last year, he won his fourth world championship at Worlds 2023, something nobody did in the game's history. Faker talked multiple times how he wanted to pick Ahri's skin since his first world trophy, but he was denied since he didn't use the character.

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