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League of Legends developer reveals possible changes to Smolder in future patches, shares best items for baby dragon champion

League of Legends lead gameplay designer Matt "Phroxzon" Leung-Harrison spoke about new champion Smolder's numbers after his release. He has a low winrate but is quite popular among the player base. The designer released a list of possible adjustments to the character, noting they have not decided on them yet.

Possible Smolder adjustments

  • Partial resets on spells
  • R heal ratio
  • Smoother auto weaving (better AS)
  • Mid vs bot balance
  • E proactive use cases (especially mid-game)
  • Q giving stacks if the target dies while the missile is in the air
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According to Phroxzon, Smolder had a successful debut. He is very popular among players, and his winrate grew significantly in the first two days. The developer thinks the dragon has some weaknesses, but they are negated if playing around them. Phroxzon also revealed item builds that "proved effective" in the first days of Ranked.

Smolder's item builds

  • Boots of Lucidity, Essence Reaver, Navori
  • Boots of Lucidity, Trinity Force, Manamune, Spear of Shojin

Smolder came out on January 31, 2024. The champion showed a huge 28% pickrate in regular play. Some adjustments might come out on February 7 with update 14.3. Smolder wasn't mentioned in the latest patch notes, but typically the developers don't wait too long to bring first balance changes.

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