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Dota 22023-06-06 11:37:00
Who qualified for The International 2023? All the teams of TI12
The chase for Aegis begins!
CS:GO2023-06-06 09:49:00
The last CS:GO rostermania: all leaks, rumors, team reshuffles, and transfers before CS2 arrival
Will HooXi survive? Are NAVI really removing B1ad3?
Dota 22023-05-25 12:15:00
Pure: "I believe I was one of the best carries and can become the best offlaner in the world now"
Pure talks about role swap and changes in the team.
Dota 22023-05-10 11:45:00
Zai: "I'm a boomer, I'm a veteran, and I try to use my experience to move the team forward"
Team Liquid offlaner shares how the team adapted to 7.33 and reflects on his career.


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