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Dota 22024-02-24 15:34:00
"Usually my team asks me things like 'dive less'. I can't remember it well now". Dyrachyo on last season, his girlfriend and family
He is sure that new scene setup "filter out low-skill teams and those who do not come for the victory".
Dota 22024-02-14 11:39:00
23savage: "I'm down to fight Gabbi in the ring. If it's for charity, I can do it"
He is ready to throw hands, and not just on Morphling.
Dota 22024-02-09 03:42:00
All sets and skins from Dota treasure Dragon’s Hoard
Not only heroes but also the Ancient itself!
CS:GO2023-12-25 14:03:00
KSCERATO: "My family always said it was way better to stay home and play CS than go on street and learn bad things"
"It's so nice when you wreck them, humiliate and outplay them. I like this feeling".
Dota 22023-12-15 10:15:00
Dota 2 Patch 7.35: all new, reworked, and deleted items
Khanda, Parasma, and Selemene's Tiara
Dota 22023-12-15 02:32:00
All sets from the Frostivus Treasure Chest 2023
The Frostivus is here!


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