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Dota 22024-06-18 09:52:00
Who will play at TI13? All teams qualified for The International 2024
Another TI is almost here!
Dota 22024-07-09 23:50:00
All Collector's Cache treasure sets. Crownfall Act 3 chest items
Valve gave us more hats!
CS 22024-05-22 13:37:00
Kair0n-: "The team was in crisis, and nafany felt double responsibility. Because of this, he was losing his temper"
"I am a self-critical person by nature. I often blame myself too much".
CS 22024-05-18 11:34:00
Chopper: "Sh1ro contributed to my captaincy a lot. He shared his vision of the game"
Praises his young teammates for their confidence.


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