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Dota 22022-09-17 13:56:00
Best mid heroes in patch 7.32b Dota 2. What to pick on mid to gain MMR
Best heroes for raising MMR on mid in patch 7.32b.
Dota 22022-09-17 03:20:00
Here's every The International 2022 participant. What teams qualified for TI11
The qualifier brawl is reaching the finish line.
LoL2022-09-15 17:46:00
Lil Nas X "Star Walkin" LoL Worlds 2022 anthem lyrics and full song
League of Legends Worlds 2022 Lil Nas X anthem lyrics are in!
Dota 22022-09-15 11:24:00
Best carries in 7.32b Dota 2. Best heroes to raise MMR on carry
Strongest carries for patch 7.32b.
CS:GO2022-09-09 08:41:00
"I think G2 were a little bit impatient in how they approach things". YNk on FaZe success, Boombl4 return, and G2 changes
YNk explains why NiKo could be a great IGL and what made FaZe so strong.
Dota 22022-09-01 21:14:00
All items from The International 2022 Immortal Treasure I
TI11 Battle Pass Treasure First Immortal Chest preview.
Dota 22022-08-24 08:24:00
New Aghanim's Shards in patch 7.32 Dota 2. All major Shard changes
Major Shard changes for 22 heroes, and even new tentacles from Tidehunter!
Dota 22022-08-23 21:06:00
Dota 2 patch 7.32 map terrain changes
Fixing Dire winrate.