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Next League of Legends solo lane Vastaya champion may be bunny girl Rumors

Brazilian insider Big Bad Bear has found several clues about the supposed appearance of the next League of Legends champion, the female Vastayan solo laner. He shared them in a YouTube video.

He found the word "rabbit" decrypted in the character's first teaser, so he believes that her image will be associated with this animal. Additionally, there's a flask with a bunny-shaped glare icon in the picture. Big Bad Bear thinks the character might look like a girl rabbit, possibly similar to Final Fantasy's Viera race.

Big Bad Bear previously successfully predicted the appearance of most of the latest champions in LoL. His descriptions of Milio, K'Sante, Naafiri, Briar, Hwei and other characters were very close to the release version.

There is very little information about the new champion yet. It is known that this will be a magician girl from Freljord. The heroine is designed for a single lane and has middle-range abilities. More details are available below.

New League of Legends Vastayan female solo lane mage champion: Release date, teasers, leaks and rumors, abilities and name
She can see things others cannot.

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