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Boxi on their next opponent: "OG can always throw, but they can also be more aggressive. It will be much spicier" Interview

Team Liquid's player Samuel "boxi" Svahn foresees an exciting match against OG in the next round of playoffs at The International 2022. He thinks they are hard to predict but can lose a leading situation because of their own mistakes. Boxi's team just defeated Entity in a close game, and he shared his emotions on the official Russian broadcast.

Should we expect a close match against OG?

OG are always a little random. They have their own ideas about heroes and meta. Today they played Naga support and other shit. And I know OG can always throw a game. So, that's very good. When you play against LGD or Aster, losing feels like [makes a disappointed sound]. But OG can always throw, or they can also be more aggressive. It will be much spicier.

Samuel "boxi" Svahn
OG coach Chuvash on Misha disconnect: "At first, two PGL workers came, then one guy from Valve. Apparently, he fixed everything"
Chuvash talked with us after the Group Stage.

On latest matches against Aster and Entity

When we lost to Aster we were too scared. I don't want to say we were nervous, but yeah: some pressure. We were worried about making mistakes. I think game 1 against Entity was a little bit better, but in game 2, once again, we didn't play our normal moves. In game 3, I really tried to make it better. I think, sometimes, maybe too much. I think we were trying to push through that feeling of fear.

Samuel "boxi" Svahn

Entity Gaming exited The International, earning themselves at least $345k of prize money. Team Liquid got into the top 8 of the tournament. This year, it features two South American teams, something that never happened before.

OG.Misha: "We won't counter anyone anymore. Let them try to counter us"

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