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Yatoro names best and worst carry heroes of patch 7.35d

Team Spirit star player Illya "Yatoro" Mulyarchuk was asked to rate Dota 2 heroes of the current patch. In the post-match interview at PGL Wallachia S1, he gave his takes on a couple of them and defended the failed Slark pick against Gaimin Gladiators.

Yatoro's good and bad carries of patch 7.35d

Luna: Good hero but a bit... zero percent winrate at this tournament. So, it's okay. A regular one.

Phantom Assassin: Super trash.

Faceless Void: Super good.

Gyrocopter: Super trash.Slark: Super trash and super good. [Yesterday, you lost a Slark game] It was a good pick. I just made a couple of mistakes. I just made a couple of mistakes in the game, but the hero was good. I guess that was the only hero we should've picked in that situation. [When Slark is super trash?] When an enemy has a lot of AoE stuns, like Earthshaker. Do not do this.

Yatoro already shared his preferred heroes of patch 7.35d at the end of March. It seems that the list didn't change too much.

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Previously, Gaimin Gladiators' carry Anton "dyrachyo" Shkredov sceptically commented on the Slark pick against them. He claimed the situation was non-ideal, as Yatoro had to play against Doom. You can find his take below.

Team Spirit defeated Nouns and got the 2-1 match score in the Swiss Stage of PGL Wallachia. They are one win away from playoffs. The next opponent will be decided after the conclusion of round 3.

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