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BlitZ calls ambulance at PGL Wallachia S1: "EU healthcare is OP. Total cost: 0 dollars"

Team Liquid coach William "Blitz" Lee revealed he fell ill at Dota 2 PGL Wallachia Season 1. He woke up with a pain in his stomach, so hard that he had to call an ambulance. The NA specialist praised the European healthcare on X and reported that the diagnostics were free.

I had to go emergency room this morning because I couldn't stand up or breathe properly because of stabbing pain in my lower right abdomen. Slept a total of one hour in the past two days but refused to miss the match because I'm dumb as f**k. Doctors aren't sure what happened, maybe kidney stones to come.

I am feeling super okay right now though, and just avoiding eating anything that'll f**k me up. EU healthcare is OP; I took an ambulance at 3 AM and got bloodwork and an ultrasound done. Total cost: 0 dollars. Went straight from the hospital to a one-hour nap into the match and was glad our team 2-0'ed.

William "Blitz" Lee

Team Liquid defeated MOUZ and got a 2-2 match score. The next round of Swiss will decide if they advance to playoffs or depart from PGL Wallachia. Their opponent has not been decided yet, and the game will start on May 15.

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PGL Wallachia S1 PGL Wallachia S1

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