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CS2 operator BLAST enters Dota 2 with five events in 2024-2025

Tournament operator BLAST officially announced its comeback to Dota 2. They will host five Dota 2 tournaments, first one at the end of November 2024, and the following four events to take place in 2025. The TO will reveal more details this summer.

BLAST Dota 2 tournament schedule

  • 26th November — 1st December 2024
  • 4th — 9th February 2025
  • 6th — 11th May 2025
  • 14th — 19th October 2025
  • 25th — 30th November 2025

BLAST says the changes to the Dota 2 ecosystem allowed them to enter the scene. The TO promises to "bring a new level of production" to the game, something they've been known for in CS2 initially, until other TOs caught up.

We are delighted to be entering Dota 2 and have plans for BLAST to bring a new level of production and excitement that Dota fans haven’t seen before.

It’s a game we love as fans and players, we've been following closely as an interested tournament organizer for the last few years. As we've grown as a business and expand into further titles, Dota has always been on our wish list. With the recent changes to the Dota ecosystem, we feel it’s the perfect opportunity for BLAST to come in, provide the community with the next level of tournaments and become the new home of Dota 2.


BLAST is a TO based in Denmark, running since 2016. They are hosting competitions in R6 Siege and Counter-Strike. In 2023, they held the last CSGO Major in Paris. BLAST started with very short, hyped LAN events, lasting over a single weekend. Their schedule for Dota 2 implies it would be a similar approach.

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