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BetBoom Team manager denies accusations of "rage quitting" and refusing to give exit interview at PGL Wallachia

BetBoom Team manager Luka "Lukawa" Nasuashvili explained why the team didn't gave a post-match interview after exiting PGL Wallachia S1. According to him, there was a miscommunication between the team and the organizers, but they didn't refuse to speak after the match. Lukawa shared this on his Telegram.

There's this information that we refused to give an interview after the exit. Nobody told us anything after we lost. We gathered our stuff, changed, spent some time in the smoking area. As we are walking to the car to the hotel, admin comes and asks, "MieRo, will you give a post-match interview?" I said that we are already going to the car, and he [MieRo] already changed his clothes. In response, I heard, "Okay, my bad, I'll clarify this," and then, he said we don't have to give the interview.

We absolutely respect PGL, and it wouldn't be an issue to give the exit interview [if needed], but it went how it went.

Luka "Lukawa" Nasuashvili
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BB Team lost to G2.iG in the deciding match of the group stage with a score of 1:2, with the last game looking like a devastating loss with no chances. The official broadcast presented the situation as if the team was responsible for cancelling the interview. In the comments on Reddit, fans didn't spare BetBoom Team, joking that the squad "Rage quit IRL" and critiquing them for disrespectful behavior.

PGL Wallachia Season 1 takes place in Romania on LAN from May 10 to 19. The tournament features 16 teams from all over the world to fight for a million-dollar prize pool. Many players were denied of visas and had to skip the event. Tundra and Blacklist International withdrew, while Shopify Rebellion and Falcons arrived with stand-ins.

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