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Nine on possible return: "I want to play again, but we will see"

Team Falcons stand-in Leon "Nine" Kirilin spoke about his possible return to pro play. The midlaner took a break because of stress, but he felt better during PGL Wallachia S1. The TI11 champion says he wants to play but isn't sure what the outcome will be.

I'm not in peak form, but I feel like it will come slowly. You need to build your confidence again, and this will not happen overnight. <...> I don't really get nervous like that, but it's just stressful. That's also the reason why I decided to take a break, just from the stress of competing. It's still there. Obviously, I can manage it a bit better now. That's what I've been kinda testing and why I wanted to play this tournament, to see how it feels. And it's going better. I want to play again, but we will see.

Leon "Nine" Kirilin
Miposhka after eliminating BOOM from PGL Wallachia: "We didn't even expect it to be so easy"

Nine took a break after The International 2023, where he played as a support, giving up the midlane to Topias "Topson" Taavitsainen. His former teammates, Sneyking and skiter, followed by coach Aui_2000, joined Falcons.

At PGL Wallachia, Nine reunited with them as a stand-in. The team beat BOOM and Team Liquid in the upper bracket. They are currently fighting Xtreme Gaming for the grand final spot.

Skiter: "Malr1ne has to do a lot more work to get on Nine's level"



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