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OG coach Chuvash on Misha disconnect: "At first, two PGL workers came, then one guy from Valve. Apparently, he fixed everything" Exclusive

OG coach Evgeniy "Chuvash" Makarov spoke to our reporter at The International 2022, Polina Mashina. The team qualified for the upper bracket playoffs at the last moment, thanks to a convincing victory over RNG. Chuvash shared his opinion on this match, Misha's disconnect, team preparation, and Ceb's role on the team.

How important for you was to end up in the Upper Bracket?

— I'm almost sure that it's important for every team to get to the winner's bracket. Because you never know what can happen in the lower. Since the first day, our target was the upper bracket. We were very confident, but the third day was upsetting. [Why did that happen?] Our unfortunate streak started from the second map against Hokori, then the first map versus Liquid, a three-hour pause, a loss with 20k networth at 20 minutes, and the stomp in the fourth game of the day against Liquid.

— How did Misha return to the game?

— First, we just called for PGL stuff. They said they could reconnect him or load a save, so we were counting on finishing as five. <…> I don't know the details. But it seems that at first, two PGL workers came, then one guy from Valve. Apparently, he fixed everything.

— Did you want to wait for Misha initially, or were ready to restart?

— I don't know what happened inside [the team]. But if you look at the chat log, you can see that the guys were ready to try playing 4v5.

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Your victory against RNG looked kinda easy. Do you think it was your preparation or the opponent's bad form due to COVID-19?

— I think it was a mix of both. It was painful to watch RNG, who started 5-1 on the first day, they had a great first two days. But I think we also woke up after the first game against BetBoom.

— Do you somehow protect yourself from coronavirus?

— Yes, we began to wear masks. We are all vaccinated, so it should probably be fine.

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— Do you think we'll see unusual stuff like Broodmother, Alchemist, or mid Magnus more often in the playoffs?

— No doubts that Broodmother will be banned or picked throughout the tournament. [Was it part of your preparation?] No, it's a kind of improvisation. We didn't play with Broodmother for three months or anything like that, just a few games. We have some more ideas, but I think we've shown most of them.


— On Ceb's role, is he working with you behind the curtains?

— Yes, he works with us behind the curtains, and also helped at the bootcamp. Ceb is just as important as any other team member. He plays the same role. He works on psychology and the game.

— Will N0tail help during the playoffs?

— I think they won't let him join.

OG advanced to the playoffs to play against either Team Secret or Tundra. The game will start on October 20 or 21, depending on the opponent.

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