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Aurora vs G2.iG match at PGL Wallachia was interrupted by server crash at minute 64

G2.iG versus Aurora Gaming playoff match was interrupted by Steam servers crash at PGL Wallachia Season 1. The incident took place at at the 65th minute. After almost an hour-long break, the game was restored although not ideally.

At the moment of the crash, Aurora had 50k gold lead and made mega creeps. However, G2.iG was defending with some success, not winning fights, but at least prolonging the game.

All players and observers were kicked out of the game with no way to return. PGL managed to restore the game from a backup save. The match was resumed not at the same exact moment but close to it. Luckily, the crash happened during the downtime between the teamfights.

Aurora Gaming won the game but lost the series, and was eliminated from the tournament. G2.iG will next face the loser of the Team Spirit versus Xtreme Gaming clash in the upper bracket.

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