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Dev1ce posts 56-28 KD with 100 ADR in first match after year of inactivity

Astralis's superstar, Nikolai "dev1ce" Reedtz, put out great numbers in his first match after returning from NiP to his home team. The Danish AWPer scored 56 kills with 26 deaths against Tricked, along with 100 ADR.

The first map against Tricked was won with a minimal round difference, but on the second, Astralis gave away only 8 rounds.

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It seems that "Mr. Consistent" still lives up to his name. Of course, the opponent's level isn't on par, but dev1ce's numbers are on par with their best player Benjamin "BlameF" Bremer, who has slightly worse KD and better ADR and first kill difference.

Astralis participates in CCT North Europe Series #2, an online tournament with $50,000. The Danes were invited to the playoffs. Their next opponent will be the winner of HEETInto The Breach.

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