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"Nothing makes sense." Valorant Champions 2023 winners reportedly choosing between departure from EG or "significant pay cut" Rumors

Evil Geniuses is considering to release their world championship winners, the NA lineup that grabbed the trophy at Valorant Champions 2023. According to an insider Max Katz, the organization has "let their starting roster explore their options." Otherwise, they will have to receive a significant pay cut.

There was no official comment from EG on this matter. Max Katz didn't specify details about the salary decrease.

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Around the same time, EG Valorant team members posted a series of tweets. Corbin "C0M" Lee put out a short "Nothing makes sense" message. Ethan "Ethan" Arnold appeared on Twitter, missing "old esports" with proper rewards and times when "winning was everything."

I miss old esports. Where, if you were good, you were on a good team. Where there was something to grind for, and if you did it successfully, you got to reap the benefits. Where winning was everything.

Valorant Champions 2023 was hosted in Los Angeles from August 6 to 26. The tournament featured 16 teams and a $2,250,000 prize pool. VCT-partnered teams also receive 50% of the revenue for the Champions Skin Collection. On August 23, it reached $20 mln. In the grand-final, EG took down Paper Rex 3:1.

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