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Riot Games denies rumors about allowing betting sponsorships in Valorant

Riot Games refuted the recent information that the company would change its approach to esports bookmakers partnering with organizations. They commented on the matter to Dot Esports, stating that "there has been no change in the current policy."

While there has been no change in the current policy regarding approved team sponsor categories, we will continue to evaluate all opportunities that deliver safe, secure, and meaningful experiences that best support the growth of our esports ecosystem globally.

Riot remains committed to investing in opportunities that ensure the integrity of all our esports, enable great experiences for fans, and unlock revenue streams for our teams.

Riot Games
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Dot Esports added that they spoke to some organizations in Europe. According to them, there were some negotiations with Riot and the policy change regarding betting partnerships was at least considered at some point. The issues with strict European gambling regulations could be the reason it didn't happen.

The article doesn't make the difference between gambling and betting. The arguments against the latter are unclear, as many sports and esports teams have betting sponsorships in Europe. LEC headquarters are located in Germany, where gambling is restricted in general but is allowed for traditional sports. The state is currently deciding whether esports betting should be included. Right now, there are many legally operating bookies in Germany.

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