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Valorant patch notes 6.05: New agent Gekko gets crucial issue fixed, along with other bugs

Riot Games addressed the new agent Gekko in the latest Valorant patch 6.05. They fixed the issue with Wingman, that previously struggled with elevated positions. The developers also worked on other bugs and glitches related to the new agent.

Gekko improvements in patch 6.05

  • Wingman (Q): Plant and Defuse targeting has been improved in order to target higher locations.
  • Added audio variations for Mosh Pit’s (C) explosions
  • Audio improvements for Dizzy’s (E) plasma blasts, which will help you easily identify if it’s flying towards you or towards an ally while in the air
  • Added VFX to when Gekko is reclaiming an orb, as well as when the globule reclaim is complete
  • Improved visuals for enemy creature globules
  • Improved performance in Agent Select
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Gekko bugs in patch 6.05

  • Fixed a bug where Wingman wasn’t taking melee damage.
  • Fixed a bug where ally Gekko orbs were showing up as white outside of custom Replication.
  • Fixed multiple animation issues across all abilities.
  • Fixed UI on Gekko’s ultimate staying on screen if the round ended while you’re possessing Thrash.
  • Fixed a bug where Wingman wasn’t able to defuse the Spike after using Swap Team command in a Custom game.
  • Fixed a bug where Wingman Spike plant casting allowed him to run too far of a distance if cast in midair.
  • Fixed a bug where damage from Mosh Pit was avoidable while crouch jumping in the pit.
  • Fixed bug where Wingman’s torso wouldn’t trigger Cypher’s Trapwire (C).
  • Fixed a bug where the wrong animation played while casting Wingman.
  • Fixed a bug where Gekko wasn’t able to plant in Spike Rush if Wingman was stopped from planting.
  • Fixed display name of “Mosh Pit” showing up as “Mosh’s Pit”.

Performance updates

  • Added “CPU Wait GPU Time” metric to performance settings in order to help players track when their machines are Render Thread bound
  • Used Memory performance metric now updates when Total Memory performance metric is disabled.

Gekko came out on March 7. He is the 22nd agent in Valorant and the 6th initiator.

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