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Yay removes Cloud9 from Twitter bio, possibly adding credibility to rumors of team rebuild Rumors

Jaccob "Yay" Whiteaker has removed mentions of his organization, Cloud9, from the Twitter bio. This happened shortly after two reputable insiders reported on the upcoming changes for the team on February 23-24.

George Geddes stated there was "a possibility of roster changes," which "could affect any player on the roster, including Yay." Maks Katz was more specific, reporting that Cloud9 is partying ways with the player.

Yay was praised as one of the best players last year and probably cost C9 a lot of money and resources to acquire. Shortly after the first report, Yay appeared on Twitter, seemingly surprised like the rest of the community.

Both insiders have no information on Yay's potential replacement. The most baffling thing for the fans is that the team hadn't played a single VCT match yet. They only participated in a small tournament in the UK, reaching its grand final, and the LOCK.IN 2023 event. Cloud9 dropped out in the second round after they lost to DRX.

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