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14-year-old Darxcio overcomes f0rsaken and claims 1st place in Valorant global ranking

The young player, nicknamed Darxcio, surprised the Valorant community after he shared his achievement on Twitter. The 14-year-old prodigy climbed to the very top of the unofficial world ranking by

Since Riot doesn't have an official world ladder, usually stats like that are calculated by third-party websites.

With 98 wins and 1,017 points at the moment of publication, Darxcio got higher than the star player Jason "f0rsakeN" Susanto from Paper Rex. The young gun achieved it playing in Europe, his record-breaking match featured cNed from NAVI.


His main heroes to win are Raze, Jett, and Killjoy, and he won 15 out of 20 of the last games to get to the top. Darkxcio speaks French and has France, Belgium, Turkey and German flags in his profile. He also streams on Twitch and claims to have hit Radiant at 11 years old.

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