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Sinatraa offered $144k salary to compete in Indian Valorant

Valorant star player Jay "sinatraa" Won got an invitation from an Indian organization Gods Reign. They offered the player a $12k per month year-long contract totaling $144,000 of annual salary, according to the team's CEO Rohith on Twitter.

He revealed these numbers when talking to Bleed's coach Abhisek "Godspeed" Bajaj. This is Gods Reign's "open offer" to the player, and they are ready to pay 30% upfront.

Sinatraa didn't reply to their request, nor did he announce plans for the nearest future. The player is currently competing with UNTAMABLE BEASTS, a mix consisting of well-known NA star players, such as zombs, Marved, PROD, and dizzy. Their future right now is unclear as the lineup failed to qualify for VCT 2023 NA Challengers.

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Rushindra Sinha, the co-founder and CEO of Global Esports, replied to Rohith, pointing at Sinatraa's past $150k contract in Overwatch. To which, Gods Reign's chief responded that their offer is negotiable.

The former Sentinels star, Sinatraa, has some noticeable victories in Valorant but they happened during the game's first year. In early 2021, his career was put on hold due to the accusations of sexual assault from his former girlfriend. He returned to competition in April 2022.

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