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Tarik calls to pros replacing rankeds with private matches. The reason are crypto betting throwers in matchmaking

Tarik "tarik" Celik suggests switching to high-elo matches on secluded servers instead of using matchmaking. The issue is crypto bettors throwing ranked matches, which TenZ, FNS, and other Valorant pros have been facing more and more recently.

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The crypto betting problem exist for a while. Many professionals are disappointed with their ranked experience being spoiled this way. Here's Tyson "TenZ" Ngo complaining about it in early December 2022.

FNS went as far as suggesting losing on purpose for crypto bettors to lose their money. You can feel the level of annoyance went he says that he "wants them to lose every cent and be on the street begging me for a sandwich".

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As far as we know, Riot didn't address or comment on the matter so far. In the past, the company had to deal with illegal betting on ranked games in League of Legends. In 2020, Riot Korea investigated and banned over 10k griefing and throwing accounts and filed a case suing Chinese gambling websites.

The same things happened and may continue to exist in Dota 2. This spring, our journalist Polina Mashina investigated numerous cases of match-fixing in the ranked games. You can read about it by the link below.

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