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First Valorant Champions Acend roster is no more. Last winner of that event has left lineup

Acend parted ways with Patryk "starxo" Kopczynski. The polish professional was the last player from the Valorant Champions 2021 triumphant lineup. The club has revealed his departure on Twitter.

Despite winning the biggest event of 2021, Acend didn't last for even a year. It had poor results in Challengers and couldn't break through the LCQ. Their best achievement was 2nd place at Superdome LAN in October. Their lineup currently has only two inactive players vakk and MONSTEERR.

It's unknown if starxo has found a team to join. His championship-winning teammates mostly went to the teams with franchised slots. CNed got on NAVI, zeek joined Heretics, BONECOLD plays for Vitality. Kiles found a new home in Case Esports after competing under the Giants tag.

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2022-04-30 13:38:00 Acend sign Vakk and MONSTEERR
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