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Next Valorant "Jam" Indian map teaser and release date details leaked Rumors

Insider Twitter Valorleaks showed the leaked teaser of the next Valorant map codenamed "Jam". It also revealed when the new Valorant map will come out on public servers.

According to Valorleaks, the release date for the new map is January 10, 2023, when patch 6.0 hits the servers. Players will have the opportunity to try it earlier, supposedly on Friday, January 6, as it will be launched on PBE servers.

"Jam" was previously rumored to be located in India due to many hints left by the developers in the game. There's a pin on the world map of the public test servers, pointing to India, and an audio message, in which Harbor speaks about the "City of flowers". Also, data miners have found multiple mentions of Jaipur in the game files. There's a city with that name in real-world India, in the state of Rajasthan.

Patch 6.0 will bring back Split to the map pool. It will receive an update, but the exact changes are not known yet. Bind and Breeze will be removed for an undetermined time.

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