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Shopify Rebellion transgender player criticizes Riot Games for "everything goes" gender approach to Game Changers in Valorant

Shopify Rebellion player Kiana "KP" Lytle came out on Twitter to question Valorant tournament operators' policy on transgender persons in Game Changers. She implies that some players might get a free pass and potentially abuse the system if Riot Games won't change its "anything-goes" approach.

She claims that a lot of women in the scene are worried about these possibilities. Also, KP "had to constantly advocate her identity", and having no proper regulations to distinguish transgender persons is hurting her legitimacy.

I started taking hormone injections / applying four legal document changes for the betterment of my life after being diagnosed with gender dysphoria by a medical professional. Myself and many other women/women-identifying players are extremely concerned for the future of the GC scene.

Riot, as someone who has had to constantly advocate for my own identity, a new system is needed to preserve the integrity and safety of this space. The "anything goes" attitude currently in place has directed more and more people to hate and question my legitimacy as a transgender player. This doesn't inspire more women to participate. Please do something.

Kiana "KP" Lytle

Game Changers is meant to be a female league, and it allows transgender people to participate as well. With that said, Riot Games have no clarification on this matter. Their official rulebook (dated Nov 5, 2021) claims that only women are allowed to play in VCT GC, but it says nothing about people who identify themselves as female. There are no regulations on how anyone should confirm her gender. The official announcements by Riot contradict the rulebook. According to them, "other marginalized genders" are allowed to compete as well.

Riot VCT GC announcement. Source:
Riot Rulebook, published on November 5, 2021. Source: Liquipedia



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