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Sentinels Zombs retires from pro play, just to "stay on SEN forever"

Sentinels inactive player Jared "zombs" Gitlin announced his retirement. He will supposedly switch to other activities related to the club. On his stream, zombs revealed that he planned to assemble a Challenger team after dropping out of the Sentinels' main squad but then changed his mind.

I was scrimming for like a week. The team I was making had some potential and we had some potential organizations interested. But then I went to Los Angeles, I talked to the SEN owner, and now I never want to leave SEN. I am staying on SEN forever.

I have been on SEN since the beginning, since they had, like, zero followers. I am not going to compete again. It’s not worth it for me anymore. I have opportunities that are better for the future.

Jared "zombs" Gitlin
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At the same time, zombs was disappointed with the way esports function. He thinks that trying to create a proper team is too hard and often not rewarding, while "everyone is f**king everyone over."

Playing pro video games isn't what everyone thinks it is. You've got to realize how impossible it is to have a full team of five people who are on the same page together. It's like a one-in-a-million. Every team has too many problems all the time. Most of the time, you don't even get paid to the point where it's worth spending years of your life grinding.

Esports is like the Wild West. Everyone is f**king everyone over.

Jared "zombs" Gitlin
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Before playing Valorant, zombs changed two major esports disciplines. He started as an Overwatch professional in 2016, playing for organizations such as FaZe Clan and WEUNITED. Coming to Apex Legends, he joined Sentinels and played for over a year before switching to Valorant.

The team was very successful in 2020-2021. They have won multiple tournaments, early VCT Challengers series, and 2021 Stage 2 Masters Reykjavik. In 2022, the team's performance took a nosedive, as Sentinels had poor placements in the first two Challengers and missed out on every other important event of the year. Zombs moved to the inactive roster in April.

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