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NeL: G2 missed on Valorant franchising slot due to Andrew Tate controversy

French insider neLendirekt announced that, according to his sources, G2 Esports will miss on Valorant franchising slot due to the recent G2 CEO Ocelote controversy with Andrew Tate. He shared the info on Twitter.

According to neL, G2 had a slot locked in for NA league, but Riot Games held an emergency meeting and changed plans. Most likely, LEV will get the slot instead. Same information was corroborated by George Geddes.

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G2 CEO was recently spotted at a party with Andrew Tate. Carlos shared the video of G2 celebrating the team making it to Worlds 2022, and fans spotted the infamous influencer among guests.

After being critisized for inviting Tate to the party, Ocelote shrugged off the accusations, saying that he "will party with whoever the fuck I want". Later G2 board apologized to the community for the incident and forced Carlos to take 2 month leave with no pay.

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