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OpTic defeat DRX and advance to grand final against LOUD in Valorant Champions 2022

OpTic Gaming clashed with DRX in the lower bracket final of Valorant Champions 2022. The bo5 series ended in favor of Pujan "FNS" Mehta's team with the score of 3:2.

OpTic dominated the first two maps, Bind (13:5) and Breeze (13:8). But on the third one DRX woke up to upset their opponents and start mounting a comeback. Fracture looked like their home turf (13:8).

DRX were even more dominant on Ascent, where they won with double round advantage (13:6). It all came down to the final map Haven, and OpTic bested their opponents and closed the match 13:10.

OpTic Gaming have advanced to the grand final and will try their luck versus LOUD. It were the Brazilians who 2:0'ed them in the upper bracket previously.

Valorant Champions 2022 is running from 31 August to 18 September in Istanbul. 16 teams are competing for a million-dollar prize pool and a share of the skin bundle sales, which already exceeded $16 mln. So far, no team in history of the game have won two VCT LAN events.



VALORANT Champions 2022 VALORANT Champions 2022



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