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Valorant Champions 2022 skin bundle sales gather at least $16 mln for participating teams

Valorant Champions 2022 skin bundle contribution to the sum shared with participating teams has reached $16 mln by September 17. Riot Games revealed this information on Twitter.

These are not the final numbers as the sales will continue until September 21.

Based on Riot's official information, it means that the overall revenue of the skins is twice as high and reaches $32 mln. It is almost a double increase compared to the last year when it was around $18 mln ($9 mln for organizations).

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It will help to increase the final reward for the participants of the Champions 2022. Last year, every organization received a $600k bonus in addition to the prize money, which exceeded even the first place finish awarded with $350k.

According to One Esports report, most organizations shared this income with the players based on their agreements. For example, X10 Crit took all the money, while Keyd Stars appeared as the most generous, giving the players $480k. Here's how Valorant Champions 2021 skin sales money was supposedly distributed.

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