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Shroud on his return: "It felt like I still got it. Same me, new game" Interview

Canadian star streamer Michael "Shroud" Grziesik spoke to and shared the story of joining Sentinels. He revealed how he feels after returning to professional esports and reviewed the games they had in NA Last Chance Qualifier for Valorant Champions 2022.

It feels good, feels exactly like 2014 again. It feels exactly how I left it.

Michael "Shroud" Grziesik

On carrying the squad in the match against Shopify Rebellion.

It felt like I still got it, like nothing has changed. Same me, new game. I hope I can play like that every match, rather than just one.

Michael "Shroud" Grziesik
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How did he join Sentinels?

It was just convenient timing. They needed a fifth. I threw my name in there. Just for fun. Because I'd be down if they were down. And they said yes, and then that was it, literally. It was not like a crazy itch [to compete] or anything. It was just, "that sounds fun. I like fun. Let's do it."

I didn't expect it, honestly. I didn't expect a "yes." I expected a "no" because I have no experience in the game, professionally. But they said "yes." Alright, let's do it, I'm ready.

Michael "Shroud" Grziesik

Were they nervous against Guard, and how it affected the game

I would say yes, and not just for me but for everyone. A pretty much new brand team. I mean, two new players is a lot. And I don't think it was just me, I think it was the whole team. And if we played again today, I think it would be different, very different.

Michael "Shroud" Grziesik

Shroud came back to esports after being retired for almost five years. During this time, he became a very prominent streamer, and since 2020, shroud was very dedicated to Valorant. He joined Sentinels before the start of NA LCQ. The team is awaiting their next opponent in the lower bracket, after defeating Shopify Rebellion.

More than 500k watched how shroud lost his first match with Sentinels



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