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Valorant player for ZETA Division forced to come out as transgender

ZETA FEM team player flappy for Game Changer Valorant league has to come out after a controversy. Soon after ZETA announced a female roster, a local content creator Takigare publicly questioned Flappy's gender on Twitter.

Excuse me! Have you confirmed that flappy is a woman? If so, it's totally fine!
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ZETA replied to this, stating that Flappy is a transgender who is undergoing hormone treatment and has a medical certificate of her state. The org decided not to reveal the player's gender during the announcement to protect her from harassment, even though Flappy gave ZETA such permission. In their official statement, they condemned those who spread the rumors.

However, given the current situation with spreading false rumors on social media, we have decided to make this announcement to prevent defamation against her.

Forcing a specific person to come out regarding their sexual orientation or gender identity, as well as acts of exposing them without their permission, are ethically and socially unacceptable acts. We at ZETA DIVISION intend to deal with such remarks and actions with a firm determination.

ZETA Division

ZETA Division will participate in Game Changer Japan qualifiers, which start on August 6. Two best teams will earn their spot in the following Valorant Champions Tour GC East Asia Finals.

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