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Bren Esports owner on the run, suspected of taking part in $33 million drug smuggle

Bren Esports owner, Bernard Lu Chong, is being hunted by Philippines authorities due to an arrest warrant for smuggling drugs. He is suspected of being involved in a 276-kilo deal worth about 1.87 billion Philippine Pesos (~ $33.7 mln). This information was provided by

The Manila court issued an arrest warrant on June 2, 2021. After Chong's lawyers' application denial in April 2022, the National Investigation Bureau enforced a manhunt operation. The authorities revealed a seven-page resolution on Chong's case. He was accused as one of the owners of Fortuneyield Cargo Services Corporation, which was executing the smuggle.

It is a different situation for Bernard Lu Chong who is the general manager in charge of overall operation. The evidence shows that Fortuneyield paid P20,000 ($360) as container deposit and P76,807.50 ($1,370) for freight to SITC. It would be impossible for these payments of significant amounts to be made without the general manager’s knowledge and acquiescence.

Task Force Anti-Organized Crime Division of the Department of Justice resolution
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Aside from esports organization, Chong owns the Lyka app, shoe brand World Balance and Tim Horton's coffee shop franchise in the Philippines. He is also facing separate charges for violating tax laws, including another smuggling case, with 105 containers worth P70 million (~$1.26 mln).

Bren Esports had teams in Valorant, Dota 2, CS:GO, Hearthstone, Mobile Legends, Tekken, and other disciplines. In Valorant, the squad made it to VCT 2021: Stage 3 Masters Berlin over Paper Rex but couldn't attend the event due to visa issues. In 2022, their team didn't show anything significant and currently doesn't have a full roster after releasing EJAY in July.

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