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Shopify Rebellion, denied of Valorant partnership, call it "popularity contest"

Riot Games rejected Shopify Rebellion's application for Valorant 2023 partner league. The esports organization announced it on Twitter.

Shopify Rebellion left a bitter message stating that "a popularity contest for a woefully small number of team slots in a partnered league was always going to leave too many on the outside looking in."

The club will continue to operate in the discipline and hopes to qualify for Valorant Champions 2022 with its recently acquired Luminosity roster. Shopify Rebellion also has a prominent female squad, which is considered second best in the world.

If the rumors are true, Riot Games is currently overlooking initial applications. There are over 150 teams for about 30 slots in future leagues. The final selection will conclude during Champions in September. Previously, a famous Australian streamer Lachlan revealed that his PWR org was denied partnership in Asia and Pacific region.

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