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Valorant T1 is spotted playing with dynamic instead of pwny Rumors

T1 might keep dynamic on the team. Recent video from Zander "thwifo" Kim showed them skrimming against TSM Academy with him instead of Josh "pwny" Vangorder. It can be seen on YouTube at the 4:28 minute-mark.

Dynamic stood in for T1 in the spring. He played 12 games in a tier-2 event and NA VCT Challengers open qualifiers. There are also claims that he was recently queuing for matchmaking with thwifo.

T1 haven't played an official match since April. The squad lost in the open qualifier to Virtuoso, missed the second Challenger stage in a row, and started rebuilding the squad.

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The best of the best.

Their latest additions were xeta and Munchkin in May. The organization has high hopes for 2023 franchising. Maybe then we'll be able to see the club playing on high level again.

T1 possible lineup

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