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Poised, tarik, and flyuh lash out on FaZe Clan for bad playing conditions

Two FaZe Clan Valorant players, Xavier "flyuh" Carlson and Kevin "poised" Ngo, expressed their dissatisfaction with the facility conditions provided by the club. Both went on Twitter but later deleted their posts.

Poised was very unhappy about the way FaZe organized their playing base. There's no capture of what exactly flyuh said. Presumably, he wrote "please" under Tarik "tarik" Celik's Tweet, who attempted to drag FaZe's attention to that problem.

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According to unofficial FaZe News Twitter, their facility has a bad ping. The Valorant squad has to give away their facility to FaZe CoD team. Their playing conditions can be seen on FaZe's YouTube.

A day earlier, FaZe lost to XSET in the VCT 2022 Challengers Stage 2 playoffs. The defeat means the squad will not qualify for Masters in Copenhagen and will have to participate in the NA qualifier for Champions 2022.

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