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Valorant player kamo suspended for accusations of racism and asking intimate photos from a minor

Polish Valorant player for Israeli NOM Esports Kamil "kamo" Frackowiak was suspended by his organization after his ex-girlfriend accusations. She revealed chat screenshots with kamo calling her and other players "n****rs", including Brazilians from NiP.

She also insisted that the Pole pressured her to "send nudes." The player's response have put some doubt on her statements, or at least on some of the allegations.

I'm not sure how to put this together. I'm sorry if some of it doesn't make sense to you. English isn't my native language. This thread is about Kamo who is a pro player for NOM Esports. He's extremely racist, sexist, and pressured me into sending nudes when I was 14. <...>

He's made me think the things he's done are normal and okay. I've been isolated from everyone. Now I'm left with nobody to hang out with and depression. He's made me feel suicidal several times. I will never recover from this.

flows, Kamo's ex-girlfriend

Kamo apologized for his behavior and released some of the chat screenshots on his part. It's clear that racism and explicit slurs were constant for both parties. According to the team's coach, Kamo himself is 17 years old.

First, I want to apologize for my words and behavior. This is shameful and unacceptable.

I'm sorry. I've been in the racist and toxic community discord for a long time, as well as flows, through the words you might see, became an unforgivable habit. I and flows were in a toxic pathological internet relationship that started to destroy each other.

Sex predatory allegations are not true and there is a lot of falsehood in flows's narrative, which I want to show with screenshots from our conversations.

I want to apologize to every person I have offended and spoke badly about. In these moments, the docile environment of the Internet and the confusing possibility of saying what you want was treacherous.

I hope that any person who acts like me and gives permission to do so will also come to their senses and realize that what they are doing is simply wrong and not funny. it's time to become a man, not a stupid kid who is impressed with being edgy. I want to bear whatever consequences that have arisen from my disgusting acts.

Kamil "kamo" Frackowiak
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Revealed chats are filled with jealousy, teasing, and edgy and childish attitude. One of the main topics between the two is trying to forbid one another from playing or following other Valorant players or personalities. One of the pictures looks like flows encouraging Kamo to say the n-word.

There are screenshots to support flows's claims of Kamo "begging/forcing to send him explicit pictures." Here are some examples of when Kamo asked flows to send him intimate photos. The real nature of these conversations is not clear enough, as they may be put out of context.

In his defense, Kamo revealed flows may have initiated these relationships. It is unclear what her age is and if he knew about her being a minor. He also provided a screenshot of her attempt at blackmailing. Once again, many of Kamo's tweets also seem vague and out of context.

In his latest Tweet, Kamo said he will visit the specialist and asked the fans not to harass flows online. The NOM has yet to make any conclusion on the results of its investigation. The team's Daniel "yaotziN" Roczniak released a statement, which doesn't make it clear if Kamo will be continuing with NOM.

I would like to say that no one from the team could expect something like this. Kamo as a player and teammate is an example to follow. Always ready before time, always prepared, friendly and super motivational & supportive of his teammates. Right after I joined l3wandiwski, I couldn't believe that this was the way a 16-year-old player was acting. In a team environment, he's one of the most mature players I was able to work with. What's more, he's constantly striving to be better, he has god aim and sick gamesense. All of this at the age 16, now 17. It was not without reason that even VCT teams wanted to test him. Tbf, I was sure he gonna end up in a VCT team or some huge org before 2023, same as I thought about baddyG.

Because of all of these reasons, this situation is even more heartbreaking, sad and disturbing for me and I guess for my players as well (I don't want to speak for them tho). What kamo did was 100% bad. After his statement I feel that these two young people met at a very bad moment in their lives and this resulted in such a strange and toxic relationship. Of course that's no excuse at all. Because of that tho, I really hope so that both of them will be assisted by a psychologist, to reduce any more damage this situation may cause. They're both too young to leave them alone in this situation.

When it comes only to kamo, he's a kid which made a terrible mistake which he is aware of. I'm sure that he's capable of learning and changing to become a better person.

Daniel "yaotziN" Roczniak, NOM Esports coach
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